Say Goodbye in Style with These Farewell Gift Ideas

Saying goodbye is always hard; especially if it’s your friend, family member or a loved senior whom you are bidding adieu. Our hearts twitch a little as sorrow engulfs us seeing them move away from us (geographically). Even though we know going away would help the person to grow and expose them to better opportunities, it still hurts. While we can always stay connected through social media or send flowers on occasions, nothing can replace the feeling of having them around.

If saying adios is very hard for you, gifting them a memorable farewell present might help in lifting that load. It always feels comforting to know that even though you are miles apart, they have a piece of you that they can look at and think of the fun you have had. Don’t forget to buy their favorite flowers from Bloomsvilla and give them alongside the present. While the flowers will wilt away, the fragrance will stay in their hearts. We have some great options that you can opt for while picking a present for the one who is leaving. Here are some gift ideas to make farewells easier and better:

Personalized Pen

Wooden pens are very popular these days. To take it up a notch, you can get them personalized with their name or initials. These pens come in a huge range, from Italian olive wood to classic mango bark, every piece looks unique. The figures, patterns, and colors also look different from each other and you have a huge variety to choose from. Some of them also come in sleek wooden cases made of mahogany and maple for adding into the rustic color combination.

Infinity Neck Chain

If your friend/family/partner loves the minimalistic lifestyle, this would be an incredible farewell present for them. Very simple but stylish, infinity necklaces look wonderful with sweaters as well as tank tops. The interlocking pattern is a symbol of the never-ending bond shared by you and your partner/spouse, co-worker or your friend. Don’t forget to order a flower bouquet online, preferably in their favorite flowers, as that would be a nice addition to this little gift.


While goodbyes are very difficult, let’s not forget that it opens doors for newer possibilities and adventures. So, buying them a chic mug with an inspiring quote would always boost them with a positive vibe. No matter where they go, the mug would be a constant reminder of the people who love them dearly. Creating new experiences, memories and learnings would be a lot more fun with the comfort of having a piece of home. You can even buy flowers, place them in the mug and put it on their table. They would be surprised to receive this beautiful gift while leaving their house.


When we think of candles, we think of a cozy corner with warmth. When your friend is parting ways and going away, gift them a candle for giving them that much-needed warmth. It can be challenging to move to a different city or country and the candle would just bring light and fragrance on the darkest of days (literally and metaphorically). Whenever they will light it up, the scent would remind them of you and they would end up smiling through their struggles.


If nothing pleases you, just use online flower delivery in Delhi, write them a letter, make a little card and that would be perfectly amazing too. It is not just the gift that counts but the efforts and thoughts that you put in which matter the most.

Although it gets tricky to look for the perfect parting gift as there are times when we are not ready to say goodbye. It is not easy to let our beloved ones hug us and board that flight, bus or train. While it does dig a hole in our chest, we need to put up our best smile and make things a tad easier for them. Technology does make staying connected very easy but what is difficult is to pick the right gift for them. So, these safe and awesome gift ideas will help you in giving them something to remember you by. Always remember goodbyes and farewells are not permanent. They just mean you would meet at the next destination. Until then, hold onto the memories and let the internet keep you in touch.

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