Top Beaches in South America for Couples

South America has an interesting and long coastline which includes stretches across the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific oceans. But when it comes to the beaches, you’d find some of the best beaches here. If you and your partner are looking forward to spending some romantic time at the beach in South America, here are some options you might want to consider.

1. Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Copacabana is one of the best beaches in Brazil undoubtedly. It is a beautiful beach with golden sand where you and your partner can just laze around. With quite many night clubs and bars sitting right off the beach, you can party and have your favourite drinks. The cold waters wouldn’t make it ideal for you to swim, but you would love playing games on the sand like football and volleyball. Have some romantic time with your bae and make your time memorable when you visit this beach.

2. Vichayito, Peru

Not much distant from the towns of Mancora and Los Organos, this beautiful beach is so peaceful and quiet you’d love to spend some time with your loved one here. It offers water paddles as well in case you wish to have a dip. If you go a bit further out, you would notice the waves would pick up to make it optimum for wind surfing and fine surfing. If you wish to stay or are looking for some accommodation, the village offers you with some of the best options to stay.

3. Playa Almejal, Columbia

Amongst top Columbian beaches, Playa Almejal is the one you shouldn’t skip visiting, especially if you are looking forward to some romantic time with your partner. This beach is situated in a national park and not much explored. It is a great quiet place and you can just chill and relax while listening to the waves playing with themselves. Also, if you wish to go for surfing, this beach is amongst the best options. You’d also notice some amazing wildlife here apart from the conservation project of turtles.

4. Monanita, Ecuador

Montanita is a small town and amongst the popular beach destinations to explore in Ecuador. It provides some great surfing conditions and is an ideal place to have a beach vacation. Since it doesn’t make for a destination for families, it makes for the best place for couples to have some romantic time. Montanita is known as a party town, which means you and your bae can party as much as you want, both at the beach and at the town!

5. Mar del Plata, Argentina

The beaches of Mar del Plata are not much away from the city centre and the waves are just perfect in case you wish to go for body boarding or good surfing. You also get many facilities like beach sports and sun loungers to make your day fun. However, during the weekend the beach gets really crowded so you can plan your trip accordingly.

6. Zapallar, Chile

This beautiful beach with golden sand and rocks around stretches directly into the ocean. If you wish to swim in the beach, this beach is an ideal option. Both the town and the beach are much charming, and you would find that the surroundings have directly been taken from Europe. You can have a gala time with your partner here and have some fun in the waters.

These beaches in South America are an ideal destination for couples and you can have so much fun with your partner here! Make sure you don’t skip visiting these beaches and spend some quality and peaceful time with your bae!

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